Granny Epidemic

Thursday, May 07, 2015

The rule of thumb I like to follow when dressing for cooler weather is, comfort comes first. And what could possible be more comfortable than the quintessential granny outfit. Now I know you may be thinking, a tight rib neck dress is hardly matronly but I speak of the modest hemline and  massive scarf I decided to layer on. Speaking more specifically of my sartorial choices now, this autumn I vowed to stay far away from clothing that is although very warm, adds on about 5kg to my person. The reason behind this decision is twofold. Firstly, a busy schedule and more to the point, my laziness, has kept me far away from any physical exercise. And secondly, cold weather just makes me want to gorge on all things unhealthy. In such a case, a fitted knit that keeps you warm can go a very long way.

Speaking of tight knits, the dress featured above was a steal at just $20. I came across this piece on my way from work and its' simple high neck and beautiful colour was right up my alley. The scarf is a different story. On my list of things to buy, I had visualised a beautiful emerald green blanket scarf but ended up with this greyish blue one  (also featured here) by chance. As some of you may or may not know, our dad works in the small country town of Young and while I'm not the biggest fan of Young itself, the bargains it has are definitely worth the trouble. This brand new scarf set me back a total of $2! Definitely my favorite purchase this season.

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