Tales of Two may look like a travel and lifestyle blog but ultimately its a writer and photographer's labour of love. 

Did you ever have a tree house as a child, or a happy place you always gravitated towards? Tales of Two is akin to that. It is a place curated completed by us and for us. 

When we try on a new outfit or fly out to a new country, we do so with Tales of Two in our minds. When we return, it is our place to document our experiences, look back in quiet reflection, pat ourselves on the back for our growth and realise how we have improved both creatively and as people. 

Ultimately, it is our scrapbook of happy memories, a memoir of the funny stories we encountered several seas away, a highlight reel of personal achievements and a diary of our day to day lives. 

Enter Tales of Two to get a snapshot into our world. We are dreamers, explorers, creators and curators and this is our playground.