Culotte Jumpsuit

Sunday, May 17, 2015


I shot this look two weeks ago in the midst of Sydney's beautiful autumn. And just as fast as the shoot finished, I was a self -proclaimed lover of autumn. Though it seems the God's wished to cut this love affair short as it started hailing like no tomorrow, giving the appearance that despite all odds, it was snowing in Sydney.

Seems like lately grey continues to be my favored choice, this time in the form of this jumpsuit I bought for $11. I added the black belt for some definition (that usually hides under a top on my jeans). I suppose I am trying to make up for all the neglect for grey in the past also here and here. Which of these three gets your vote?  

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  1. I really like culottes ans jumpsuit, so the combination of both is awesome !

  2. It is a very cute jumpsuit. I remember my the first time i also fell in love with fall but thank goodness it didn't hail after that.You look very nice!

  3. That is such a good price. You look lovely in it.

    Corinne x