Glenorchy - Best day trip from Queenstown

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Apologies for the momentary hiatus from our travel posts!

We travelled to Glenorchy on a day trip from Queenstown and it was quite a struggle to say the least. The weather was a fright with strong winds and overcast skies. One thing I have discovered on this trip is that sometimes when seemingly horrible things come together, the result is strikingly beautiful. Our drive to Glenorchy offered some of the most beautiful views New Zealand has to offer and was definitely worth the battle we faced with insane winds.
The road was accompanied by glistening blue waters beside us and fluffy clouds up above. One of the most incredible moment was when we sighted what can best be described as light descending from the heavens. I know it all sounds quite biblical but upon closer inspection we discovered this effect was owing to the mist which was rising over Lake Wakatipu. It was a sight beyond words.
Glenorchy in itself is picturesque and has the charm that belongs on the front of postcards. The jetty pictured above also provided some incredible picture opportunities but they were stifled a little due to tear inducing winds. The entire atmosphere felt like we had landed some place other-worldly and it seems fitting as this was also the venue of choice for a classic fantasy series like Lord of the Rings.

The wanderlust is too real my friends. 

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