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Thursday, April 30, 2015

I remember back in year nine, my friend Erin and I chose our favourites in art class, she had her Renoir and I, my Monet. Our foray into the arts progressed and our interest extended to two new Parisian beaus. We chose to share our lovers, Henri and Edward. Now I always thought it strange that we seemed so definitive on our favourites without ever meeting them in person. Surely that can't be, what if it was all a facade and the pair fell short of the images we had conceived. I decided then that I shall meet each one of my darlings at least once. Now to give a little more shape to my endless rambles, I will tell you the account of these three meetings. 

I met Claude when I was 16 and held typically rosy notions of romance in my heart. He didn't disappoint though. Claude came to me with flowers, lilies no less. Rooms filled with them. They were beautiful and luscious, some in full blooms sitting in beautifully spotty waters and some nestled behind a bridge. He gave me lilies in every shade, at dawn, at dusk. And lastly, he gave me lilies in Melbourne, a city that won me with its charm right away.

Next, was the slightly moody, slightly broody Henri. Henri gave me a whirlwind romance. He gave me Paris. He gave me burlesque, balls and women. Women who were gentle and compelling, women who were notorious and vulnerable. He gave me Paris in every shade, the beautiful, the heartbroken.

 My last encounter was with Edgar, a man more mature than the others in both age and interests. Edgar was like a fine wine, graceful, delicious, with its taste lingering on your mind even after you've finished.  To say he left an impression on me would be an understatement. Though he didn't acquaint me with his famous ballerinas, but perhaps this was done as not to incite jealousy. 

You see now the problem I face. Sometimes I harass myself, pushing myself to choose one. But as I wrote these 368 words down, it appears that monogamy must be excused and I shall be left in this bliss I call indecisiveness. 


What I'm wearing:

Although I will admit the crop top and midi skirt trend had me intrigued when it first hit the stands, seeing this trend absolutely everywhere not to mention how brown girls have been rocking the ghaghra-choli look for an eternity, this look started to loose its novelty. Hence I ventured to create something a little different. I wanted the top to imitate the same breezy feel of the skirt and so I settled on this Georgette piece which is semi sheer making the layers fall beautifully on top of each other. Inside the shirt, I wore a lace singlet which due to its sheerness gives an illusion of a crop top. I initially visualised this outfit with a lace bralet inside but replaced it with this more modest singlet instead.

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