Curating Autumn

Saturday, April 25, 2015

For all us southern hemisphere inhabitants, autumn is officially here! Now I must warn you I am no fan of changing seasons (ew flus) especially the pending shift to the dark side aka winter. But we shall cross that particularly chilly bridge when we get to it, for the moment I'm content in enjoying all the autumn has on offer.
Okay so I started working on this post a few weeks ago when the weather was nice and sunny outside. This past week though with its gloomy clouds and godawful rain that seemed to have engulfed Sydney has persuaded me into a change of heart. I don't think I'm going to enjoy Autumn very much, though I intend to freeze trying.

The whole concept of 'curating autumn' came to me during one those crazy productive work hard/sleep is for the weak moods although I'm happy to say I've returned to my normally lethargic self now. The concept builds on my utmost desire to eliminate the silent enemy aka procrastination from life entirely. Now a little procrastination now and then is really not all that bad but when you are even procrastinating tv shows and books, you know you've got a problem.

So without much further ado, here we are:

To read:

My book list has been slowly growing and creeping but sitting down and getting tucked into a good book has simply not been on the agenda these past few weeks. Ashamed of my neglect though I've decided on a few books I'm committing myself to as the seasons pass.

1. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hossieni: I had a queer habit of not wanting to read books that everyone had become crazy about. Since Aanchal has been hounding me to read it, I'm happy to say though that I have happily abandoned this stupid bit of snobbery and to excellent results if I may add. I read A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Mountains Echo a short while ago and fell in love with the subtle landscape of Hossieni's world that shocks and moves you simultaneously. I've always considered myself a fan of crime fiction and hard hitting thriller but there's something about these stories that leaves a lingering mark. I have high hopes for The Kite Runner, and I pray to find the same tender emotion and vulnerable characters I've come to consider Hossieni's trademarks.

2. The Messenger by Markus Zusak: Another writer I discovered on my quest of all things 'viral', I read his Book Thief this summer and found myself bound to the masterful writing and enchanted by his storytelling. I look to The Messenger with the hope of similar results.

A note: The books you see in the pictures above are by Australian thriller extraordinare, Matthew Reilly. Reilly's work was suggested to Aanchal by a friend and being as obsessive as she, she got three!

To watch:

Anyone who knows me is probably aware of the huge movie buff I am but being a first year Journalism student, documentaries and interviews seem to be occupying my quota for visuals. So whilst we are on the topic of organizing here are a few things movies that have me excited!

1.Dead Poet's society: Ever since I've come across some GIFs and quotes from this movie, I've been smitten with the thought of watching it. I'm finally going to make it happen this autumn.

The Imitation Game: Kiera Knightly. Enough said.

To buy:

Unlike summer or spring, the coming months will have most of us escaping the chill of outdoors and snuggle up inside our homes. I have been meaning to re-decorate my room for quite some time now but limitations (my own laziness and forgetfulness are to blame here) kept this from materialising. This autumn though I mean to transform my humble crib into my own little sanctuary! Watch this space over the next few months to see what I get up to.

On the sartorial front, a few necessities have also caught up with me and by necessities I mean luxuries really. First of the rank is a good cream blush. I currently only own one blush as I hate amassing a massive clutter of makeup choosing to rather invest in products I love and always use. I must add though the exception to this rule is lip products where I am an incurable hoarder. The one I currently own  is a powder blush that perfectly suit my skin but is quite warm toned. Since I have been meaning to checkout cream blushes for a while, I thought to hunt one that is a little cooler and gives the perfect flush to my cheeks in the cooler months. Another item I have been lusting after is a good pair of leather (faux of course) gloves in grey/burgundy/black. The aim is to find the perfect fit that keeps my hands warm without making me look like a snowman. The search is on!

To keep me warm:

How to stay warm step 1: Tea
As a brown girl, chai practically runs in my blood. A good, warm cup of chai brewed with cardamon and fresh ginger was right up my alley until recent months. Coming from a family where we were raised drinking chai, I have always loved it, to the extent where even though it sometimes made me feel sick and acidic, I marched on. Until recently that is. Now another bit snobbery I have ended up letting go is looking down upon 'tea'.

Tea: loose tea or tea bags dipped into boiled water with some milk added afterwards and sugar to taste.

I always found the flavour of this standard tea, watery and bland. "It just tastes like hot water" I would say. But travelling has its perks and one of them is the lack of chai. Alas I had no choice to succumb and accept the good old cuppa earl grey I had so severely mocked.

A few months on and I'm hooked! Although I have read tonnes online about how 'chai tea' can be beneficially for you, personally I have always felt that it made me feel very full and bloated not to add if I ever had it on an empty stomach I surely would feel sick.

If you as I was, are a chai elitist, I encourage you try the different types of tea out there. It may taste bland at first but soon enough your palatte will not only adjust but also appreciate the taste. That's not to say though that we abandon are roots, a cup of chai with pakoras on a rainy day is what life's all about tbh.

How to stay warm step 2: Blanket scarfs

The world is progressing friends. After many years of uncomfortable fashion trends such as sky high heels (if you can walk in them I tip my hat to you), we now have blanket scarfs. I know you can all empathise when I say waking up on a cold morning and having to leave you blanket is what nightmares are made of. Well worry no more, blanket scarfs are a thing now and I can happily say my life is complete. We purchased a couple of pieces prior to the beginning of this season and I'm happy to say they have been keeping me warm and content even in the storm.

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