A tour of Vatican City, Rome

Monday, November 03, 2014

Pillars of Vatican City

Vatican Museum Entrance
St Peter's Basilica Dome from inside the Museum
Inside the Vatican City
Inside the Vatican City
Inside the Vatican City
Inside the Vatican City
View of St Peter's Square from the Basilica
St Peter's Basilica
Inside St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City
Inside the Vatican City
Inside the Vatican City
Frescoes on Vatican City Roofs

1. Vatican Museum Entrance 2. St Peter's Basilica's Dome from inside the museum 3-6 Inside Vatican 7.View from St Peter's Basilica 8-9. St Peter's Basilica 10. Strolling through Vatican walls 11.Inside Vatican 12. Vatican Close up 13. Frescoes all along Vatican roofs.

The Vatican city comes with a lot of expectations and rightly so. Our Vatican tour was booked for the last day in Rome and had decided to leave it till then. But it was not to be so. As we were meandering through Roman streets trying to get to Gianicolo hill to capture  a panoramic view of Rome from above we came upon a majestic dome. Curious to see it from close, we walked closer and saw a sea of majestic pillars unfold ahead. Amazed at finding such grandeur in a random street in Rome, we checked the the map only to realise that we had in fact stumbled upon Vatican City itself. The realisation however left me  quite underwhelmed. As much as I love coming upon hidden treasures when travelling or even back home, it was strange that the Vatican city, a world renowned site could be stumbled upon accidentally. 

The next day however when we went for the inside tour of Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel, I was most definitely filled with sheer awe and like they say, curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction definitely brought it back. The very moment we saw the Basilica dome from the inside, towering above trees, I felt immense peace wash over me. The museums, basilica and the Sistine chapel itself were awe inducing. So much brilliance  and talent surely makes you appreciate the most beautiful creation of all, the human body and brain. Unfortunately, my camera stopped working in St Peter's Basilica and I missed the opportunity to capture it in more detail.

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