3 Days in Sorrento, Italy

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sorrento Port Wharf in Italy
Sorrento Port Wharf in Italy
Shopping Alleys in Sorrento
Shopping Alleys in Sorrento
Grocery shopping in Sorrento
Lemon Curd Crepes in Sorrento
Pasta shops in Sorrento, Italy
Gelato in Sorrento, Italy
Views from the Sorrento Piazza
Old houses in Sorrento, Italy

1-3.Sorrento Port 4-5. Shopping Alleys 6. Italian produce 7. Crepes with lemon curd 8.Pasta shops 9. Favourite gelato 10. Views from the Sorrento piazza 11. A dilapidated house on our way to the hotel.

Sorrento was a pleasant surprise. Whilst chalking my itinerary, I assumed that Sorrento would serve as our gateway to Capri or the Amalfi Coast. The assumption although correct was incomplete as Sorrento proved to be so much more. It was the perfect escape from the madness and subsequent exhaustion of Rome, allowing you to put your feet up and soak in your surroundings without the guilt of missing out on essential sites. Alleyways even narrower than Rome and a bit more of the local charm, Sorrento was beautiful. Since relaxing and eating was all that occupied my time, some food pointers are a must. Sorrento is all about lemons and there is no escaping it. Limoncello, a lemon liquer is a specialty and should be tried irrespective of whether your taste buds welcome it or not. Another delicacy is the lemon cake which, all exaggerations barred is truly amazing. Antica Gelataria Sorrentina is another little treasure that offered us the best gelato on the trip and despite not considering myself a fan, I found myself harbouring a soft spot for their sorbets And on a final note, Sorrento remains incomplete without a scoop of lemon gelato ( this coming from an 'all thing err' thing chocolate' fan) and a post dinner Tarantella performance.

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