Must do things in Rome, Italy

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pantheon at Night in Rome

View of Rome from gianicolo hill
Roman forum ruins in Rome
Colloseum at night
View from top of colloseum
Piazza del Popolo in Rome
piazza del popolo in rome
view from capitoline hill vittorio emanuele II in Rome
baslica of santa maria in campidoglio
Inside the complex of Vittorio Emanuele ii
Inside the complex of Vittorio Emanuele ii
Inside the complex of Vittorio Emanuele ii
Inside the complex of Vittorio Emanuele ii
Inside the complex of Vittorio Emanuele ii
Streets of Rome
Streets of Rome
Espresso in Rome
Shopping in via condotti in Rome
Jewish Food in the Jewish Quarter of Rome
Streets of Rome
Streets of Rome in evening
Trastevere at night
Trastevere at night
Italian Pizza in Trastevere, Rome
Cacio e pepe in Trastevere, Rome

Pantheon at Night, Rome
Inside the Pantheon in Rome
Inside the Pantheon in Rome

1 Gianicolo Hill views, 2 Roman Forum 3-4 Colloseum 5-6 Piazza del Popolo 7 View from Vittorio Emannuel II 8 Basilica of Santa Maria in Campidoglio 9-13 Vittorio Emanuele II 14-15 Streets 16 Espresso for breafast 17 Via Condotti 18 Lunch in Jewsh Quarter 19-20 Rome at sunset 21-22 Trastevere 23 Funghi Pizza 24 Cacio e Pepe 25-28 Pantheon

So this space has been pretty quiet lately and that’s because we have been busy with exams and travels. Exams still continue but unfortunately my trip to Italy and Spain has come to an end and I am back in Australia. The only spark of excitement in my current monotonous routine is the prospect of sharing my experiences with you all, so watch out for the onslaught of photos.
Our trip started in Rome, a city which truly surpassed all our expectations the minute our airport shuttle entered the city centre. It was akin to being transported back in time with history seeping in every nook and cranny. And when we came out at night in search of dinner, it was the equivalent of having stepped onto a movie set, a feeling that never really subsided even as the trip went on. October being shoulder season, there were lesser tourists around and coupled with beautiful weather with temperatures in early-mid 20s, it was Rome in all its glory. Below are some of the highlights from the trip.
  1. Ancient Rome: Everything from the Colloseum, Roman Forum to the Pantheon blows you away. Visit them during the day to learn about history and then visit again during night as they really come alive and awe you with their sheer grandeur. Rome has no shortage of monuments to explore and you’ll likely come across many breath-taking churches as you get lost in the streets.
  2. Relax and have gelato in numerous piazzas around Rome, my favourites being Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Navona.
  3.  Climb the Gianicolo hill for beautiful views of all of Rome.
  4. Visit to Trastevere and dinner: Trastevere is a neighbourhood in Rome, beyond the river Tiber and boasts of picture perfect alleyways and also some very traditional Roman food. I had Cacio e pepe, a pasta dish with pecorino and black pepper sauce. Definitely recommend. The mushroom pizza was also very good.
  5. Explore on foot as much as you want because if your legs give way you can always hop onto any number of buses to get back to the hotel with a ticket for only 1 euro 50 cents which lasts for 75 mins.
  6. Explore the Jewish quarter and lunch: We tried the Jewish artichokes which are fried. Not the most scrumptious but brownie points for innovation.
  7. My personal favourite thing to do was unexpectedly spotting the many domes from narrow alleyways and drinking straight from the countless water fountains all around Rome. 

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