Maxi Knits With Blanket Scarves

Monday, August 10, 2015

This scarf has kept me toasty and warm on many winter mornings. I usually succumb to its comforts during frosty mornings enroute work where I choose to pair it with a coat. On weekends however, I favour maintaining my distance from coats and jackets as it feels akin to dressing up for work. 

It's for this precise reason I opted to pair my blanket scarf with the maxi knit dress above, chalking up the comforts to a whole new level. Initially, I had this outfit in mind for particularly chilly winter days however I managed to escape the wrath of an Australian winter through my travels and this baby lay peacefully in my closet for the most part. That is till I pulled it out for a relaxed early breakfast date yesterday. You can also see the autumn version of this style and combination here with a less heavy duty dress and scarf.

On another note, our streak on IFB's Link a la Mode has continued as our Madrid post got featured as well.  

Links à la Mode, August 6
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  1. You look gorgeous dear!


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