90's baby- the flared denims are back!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Flared denims are back and I for one am glad for it. Despite being a firm hater in my childhood when the flared denims were at the height of their popularity, I've grown to appreciate how flattering they are capable of looking. I guess you just need a second chance at some things. 

I spotted this particular pair some time back and  knew right then in the trial room that these were it, my most flattering pair of jeans. As someone with dreadfully skinny calves, skinny jeans can occasionally appear to look gangly and lanky. With this pair, the tight fitting around the thighs and the flare at the calves gives a much more well-rounded look to my legs and I'm loving it! They also have an immense lengthening effect on legs, particularly when worn with heels. Almost every body type can carry these off if paid attention to the shape of the flare. Curvy or pear shaped ladies can go for wider flare like bell bottoms to balance out the hips whereas ladies with narrower hips can choose to go the boot cut way.

My initial thought was to pair this piece with the warm knit to make for a cozy winter look but I'm glad I waited for the weather to get warmer and paired it with this checkered blouse instead. I'm happy to say I've said goodbye to my anti-flare days and am happily indulging in the comeback of the 90s.

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