How to wear blanket capes without getting overwhelmed.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Drowning in a sea of fabric seems to be the flavour of the season and I for one am ALL for it. After the many times I tried to compromise comfort in the name of fashion, I have the opportunity to essentially wrap a blanket around me all day long and be hailed as 'bohemian chic' while I'm at it. Plus for all my fellow brown girls, its time to raid our mother's closets and bring out the good old Pashmina. 

As much as I adore this concept, I must admit my hesitance in trying this out on my shorter frame with the fear of capes generally looking overwhelming on me. I've managed to curb my fears though thanks to these quick tips:

1. Pairing a big and bulky cape with a slim silhouette such as your favorite pair of skinny jeans and fitted sweater combo or a pencil midi knit dress or skirt can help tone down the bulkiness than can often accompany knits. Also, look to avoid thicker materials such as the aspen style sweaters we mentioned previously when opting for a cape like this.

2. For finishing touches, slender shows such as the sandals I wore here also balance out the heaviness of the cape but in cooler weather, a good pair of ankle boots that feature cuts to show some skin can also add shape. Personally, I avoid wearing knee length or higher boots here but if you are of a taller frame, this can work too!

3. If you like me can't handle an exposed neck on a windy day, you can also wrap one end around to keep your self super warm this winter.

4. If bulky isn't your thing, worry not! You can still get your cape fix this season by opting for lighter silhouettes such as  thisthis and this. Although they are better suited to autumn as is, you can certainly layer it up with knits this winter. 

5. Lastly, for all you workaholics, turn the cape into corporate with more structured pieces such as cape blazers like this  and this. 

This aside, a special shout out to the ear cuff I'm wearing above. Unlike other earcuffs I have ever worn, this baby is super comfortable and doesn't come with the pinching feeling in your ear that is distinctive of many others. Best part, they were a bargain buy from Lovisa  at just $5.

And finally, we  were lucky to get chosen by Independent Fashion Bloggers for this week's roundup of 20 posts. Below is the list of all the blogs that were featured. I urge you guys to check them out!

Links à la Mode, July 9
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  1. Beautiful outfit. You look so elegant and pretty! Wearing so much fabric can look overwhelming, but you did a wonderful job at styling this outfit.

    xo Azu

  2. Great choice in pairing with a cape! Love those sandals and yes skinny jeans or form fitting skirt is the way to go! :) xo~ Lena

  3. You look amazing! :) Also like the place so much ;)

  4. I love this look so much! Great styling tips!

    Mallory // Perhaps Bananas

  5. Love that blush color with the leo print!;) Great styling!;)

  6. Blanket capes are amazing! I especially love to wear one when I'm traveling to keep me warm and cozy. Yours looks great with those leopard print shoes!!


    1. Thank you. I never thought of their convenience whilst travelling ! You are so correct! Definitely taking them on my next trip!

  7. Beautiful outfit! You look lovely!

    xo, mikéla /