Aspen Chic:Runway to Real

Friday, July 03, 2015

Whilst better part of the world walks around donning summer dress and soaking the heat in bikinis, us Sydneysiders are busy battling cold windy mornings that transition into bright sunny afternoons. Although winter in Sydney is never as frightening an event as it is in other places around the world, we find ourselves blessed this year with an especially moderate winter weather. Though we shouldn't preen too much considering this is the consequence of the El Nino hitting us and I shudder at the thought of what this summer holds for us.

Dressing for the weather is important, and we like to get started on the seasonal preparations a little early. Speaking of preparation, a standout trend from 2014/15 autumn winter collections was the 'Alpine Chic' look. Alas, mother earth unleashed her unpredictable side and any hope of rocking this look as well as dressing up in cosy blanket scarves (a favorite I mentioned earlier here) were dampened. Worry not though because where there is a will there is always a way and on the sartorial front it resulted in us braving the heat for the sake of this blog post.

The whole concept of 'alpine chic' has me very excited for the fact that it appears to be an amalgamation of patterned knits like fair isle, Christmas motifs, etc. which instantly put you in the mind of Nordic Winter and perhaps the elusive Northern Lights. Customising the traditional winter garb of your favourite big bulky knit, I opted instead for a cardigan which can easily be layered and taken off when necessary. For practicality purposes, the stockings I usually wear with these boots were given a miss. And lastly with a firm nod to the leather/aspen pairing form the 2014/15 Louis Vuitton, I paired this cardigan with my faux leather skirt. Trust me when I say all that planning worked perfectly well and this combination kept the most sensitive parts of the body nice and warm.

Although the weather does not suit, we managed to lull ourselves into thinking we are about to jump into a real life version of a snowy white Christmas, cards, reindeer and all.

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  1. Nice outfit ;)

  2. Gorgeous parka!

  3. you look gorgeous xx

  4. Great style with colors!
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  5. You look great dear! Love your style