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Friday, July 17, 2015

When it comes to caring for your hair, mother certainly knows best.

Aside from possessing many wonderful qualities, our mother’s profession as a hairdresser and beautician has been a priced attribute for a mother of two daughters. As someone who carries tonnes of herbal beauty remedies in her kitty, the term ‘herbal hair care’ has been thrown around numerous times in our household.

Here are all the best tips and tricks we’ve borrowed from her over the years.

1.      Sulfate free shampoo
Since the humble shampoo is easily the most used hair product for most people, it’s important to get the basics right. We use a sulfate free Argan oil shampoo and a conditioner to match. Using a shampoo with sulfate can lead to dryness and hair loss. Although this shampoo doesn't lather up at all because of no sulfate, even a small amount is enough. 

2.      Mayonnaise
Okay so this one is going to sound a little bit strange but sometimes the best things can be found in the depths of our own pantry. Mayonnaise is something I often use in my hair for conditioning. I rub it gently through the bottom of my hair, half an hour prior to washing it as a simple and easy hair mask. Not only is it cheap but also one of the most effective conditioning methods for my hair. Ever since I have had Balayage done to my hair, I make it a point to condition with mayonnaise once every two weeks.

3.      Mustard Oil
Every Indian would remember putting oil in their hair before washing it and some point in their lives. For us, it is a ritual that is practiced quite regularly in our home. Personally, I opt for Mustard oil however you can also choose coconut oil or other store bought hair oils. Apply it thoroughly to your hair and massage into the roots as well as the tips. Leave for an hour or longer depending on your hair condition before washing with your usual shampoo.

4.      Apple Cider Vinegar
Another strange pantry find that is surprisingly good for your mane is apple cider vinegar. Washing your hair with apple cider vinegar works to untangle dry hair and leave it shiny and smooth. It removes residue build up and even dandruff by removing bacteria and fungus that could be causing dandruff. We have used it personally and it definitely works. Dilute it with equal parts water to vinegar and apply generously and thoroughly to your hair. After leaving it for a couple of minutes, rinse it out with water. Beware of the smell though, it is quite strong so make sure to wash with a nice smelling shampoo.

On another note, we made it again on the top 20 blog posts by Independent Fashion Bloggers this week! 

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