Vegan leather pants

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A slight respite from the onslaught of our New Zealand Photos. I shot this look last year when I got these Vegan leather pants from Shopbop and my most worn gold Marc Jacobs watch. I say most worn due to its lack of bling which makes it the perfect option for work. The pants were bagged on a sale for $50 after my frustrating search for faux leather in a more natural matte finish. So glad to see all these better quality faux products around as I can recreate looks with my 'no animal products' motto still intact and also they are much cheaper! Now they might not last as long as a real leather jacket but I believe the benefits far exceed that and don't you get bored of the same thing year after year. It aligns well with my personal dislike of having an ever growing wardrobe and love to cull out old stuff. Having less investment pieces makes the process so much more guilt free. 

These pants will be popping up again very soon in a new outfit. Although the styling for the upcoming post  is my preferred of the  two, I decided to post this anyway.

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  1. Gorgeous photos. I love the idea of of keeping your investment pieces down to a minimum to give you more room to play with your wardrobe.