Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Florence, risotto, italy, food
Tuscan houses, italian houses
Tuscany, italian houses,

1-3. View from Florence Bell Tower, 4-6. Florence Cathedral 7.Piazza della Signoria 8. David in Accademia Gallery 9. Other Statues in Accademia 10. Sculptures in Florence everywhere you look 11. Artists in Piazza del Duomo 12.Piazza della Repubblica 13-14. Ponte Santa Trinita 15. Ponte Vecchio 16.Along River Arno 17. Florence streets 18. Palazzo Vecchio 19. Truffle Risotto 20. Dinner in Tuscany 21. Courtyard in a house in Tuscany

Florence ended up being my least favourite city of this trip. I blame it upon the murky colour of River Arno and my personal lack of appreciation for the Renaissance in comparison to the Roman and Medieval ages. Perhaps if it had been my first taste of an Italian city, the food, people and art would have been enough to appreciate the essence of this city however after having visited some truly breathtaking places, Florence fell short. 

Although the city itself didn’t appeal to me as much, I do admit that there is a lot to see and do. Climbing the Duomo tower for the top views of Florence remains a highlight. Art has entirely permeated the city and you can see sculptures almost anywhere you look giving Florence its very unique vibe. A visit to the Accademia Gallery to set sights upon Michaelangelo’s David was one of the moments we cherished but the Uffizi Gallery remained to bear the brunt of our tired feet as our exhaustion prevented us from truly doing it justice. In regards to the cuisine, a delicious truffle risotto (especially made for us if I may brag) was all it took to understand why Italian truffle remains world renowned. 

During our stay in Florence, we also visited a winery in Chianti region of Tuscany. We were hosted by winemaker Christian who explained in detail the process of winemaking and particularly how they control and vary the taste of wines. His mother also made a homecooked Italian meal which was a great respite from all the food we had been eating. 

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  1. Awesome trip, pictures and sculptures! I love visiting good museums e.g the Louvre at Paris!

    ♘ ♘