Gold Coast

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gold coast, surfers paradise, skyline, sunset
sunset, gold coast, surfers paradise,marina miragesunset,skyline, gold coast, surfers paradise
beach, moon, waves
gold coast, surfers paradise, circle on cavill, dinner
sunrise, morning, gold coast, surfers paradise
natural bridge, gold coast, surfers paradise,springbrook national park
shooting, gold coast, surfers paradise
movie world, gold coast, surfers paradise
gold coast, surfers paradise

Nothing quite succeeds in clearing the mind and nourishing the soul like a long relaxing holiday. This trip proved to be just that, arriving at a time when haggard and beaten from half yearly exam stress and battling the monotony of a full time job, we had finally accepted the mundane reality of day to day life. Escaping away to the beautiful Gold Coast (which became synonymous with warm morning sunshine, sandy beaches and four very happy faces) was the perfect way to unwind. The weather was warm and breezy, the views breathtaking and the experiences truly unique. Overall this trip is best described as 'a trip of many firsts'. The first of which was as simple as strolling along the beautiful shore as we watched the moon rise above and beyond the tiny rows of market stalls whilst the waves danced along, there's really nothing quite like it! Our experiences continued to include a wonderfully wet and swampy jet boat ride, a wistful trip to Movie World which succeeded in evoking the fondest of childhood memories, a serene sunset cruise, an impromptu trip to the shooting range, a visit to the natural bridge which acted as a nice break away from the hustling atmosphere of Surfer's Paradise and lastly strolling along the streets, churros in hand as we walked in and out of local shops,cafes and even a haunted house! 

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