Freshly Squeezed !

Thursday, March 13, 2014

freshly squeezed, juice, healthy, orange, ginger, apple, carrot, orange juice, fruit juice, fruit

Red juice, watermelon, freshly squeezed, juice, healthy, fruit juice, fruit

freshly squeezed, juice, healthy, pear, green apple, celery, fruit, fruit juice

freshly squeezed, juice, healthy, orange, strawberries, fruit, fruit juice

This post, quite evidently, is different to our normal posts but with summer almost gone on this side of the world, I thought it is time I share with you all my favourite drinks I was addicted to this summer. A bit late for my fellow Australians but hopefully on time for other readers around the world. I discovered the perks of freshly squeezed juices this summer, thanks to a sudden urge for something sweet to cool me down on a hot summer's day. My mother's latest purchase of a juicer had me complaining we didn't need it and that it only took up valuable space (how I hate clutter). Who knew I would soon be eating my words and  using this nifty piece of technology almost all the time. The impromptu decision had me putting in an orange,  a carrot and an apple (fruits that I never eat) into my juicer and to my surprise came out a refreshing, sugar-craving satisfying, thirst-quenching drink that had me researching and experimenting with other fruits throughout summer. I have listed my favourite combinations below and hope you guys try them out! I promise that you will never want to try those packaged juices ever again.

Starting your day with a glass of fresh juice really keeps you energised but I won't rely on these fruit combinations if you are on a juice diet. Having more than one glass everyday will result in too much sugar intake and vegetable combinations would be better for a juice diet. I also naturally progressed into making smoothies which are an even healthier option with all the fiber and will shortly be coming up in a new post !
  1. Watermelon cut roughly into cubes and then juiced. You can add a bit of lemon if you like but I prefer mine without.
  2. Red apple, Orange and Carrot can be juiced one each and a bit of ginger can be added for that extra kick. It tastes amazing with or without.
  3. Orange and strawberries - Use 2 oranges and a handful of strawberries for a glass of absolute deliciousness.
  4. Apple, Grapes & Strawberries - Use 1 apple, 10 grapes and 5 strawberries for one glass of juice.
  5. Green juice - 1 green apple, 1 pear and 1-2 celery sticks can be juiced together and they taste amazing with celery adding that zing. Don't make the mistake of substituting red apple in this juice, it tastes too sweet and not very appetizing.
  6. Orange, Pineapple and carrot - Again, a keeper.
  7. Cucumber, Carrot and Capsicum - This would be perfect for a juice diet but I'll admit it doesn't taste too great.
  8. Pear and Red Apple juiced once each and then blended with 5-6 Strawberries and a Banana makes a really yummy drink. The consistency is of a juice despite the banana and it tastes really fruity with a delightful pink colour.

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  1. i starting my day with a fresh juice or a smoothie for a while now in it always give me so much power to start in the day! xx

    1. Yes definitely one of my favorite breakfast options! x

  2. nice blog and great post! I really like those pictures! I think I will be here more often!

    Don't forget to stop by and say hello!

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    Hugs and kisses

  4. Mmmm.. I love juices. I've been drinking fresh watermelon juices almost every day. Been an addict. =) Great post and recipe.


    1. Same here! Watermelon has to be one of my personal favorites xx

  5. Great post, your pictures are amazing <3
    Would u like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC? :)
    let me know! xx