Day Trip to Innsbruck, Austria

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Innsbruck was one of a number of cities we visited during our stay in Munich – the second daytrip after sweet old Salzurg. Though Salzburg is planted firmly among our favourite cities, visiting Innsbruck was one step closer to realising just how beautiful Austria is (a fact only cemented further by our visit to Vienna later in the trip.) 

Watching the landscape shift from Munich to a snow-frosted winter wonderland as we approached Innsbruck was probably the reason we headed straight for a warm breakfast the minute we landed in town. We stopped at a local eatery for some waffles and a much needed cuppaSpecial note: the waffles in Europe are quite different to those in Sydney not solely because of the condiments they are served with but also the texture of the waffles itself. These softer and chewier versions are worth a try! 

Warmed up and well-fed we headed out to begin our day in Innsbruck. The first stop was the famed Nordkette mountain experience. The stunning mountain range is located just north of the city. The mountains overlook the bustling city below and the alps beyond.  We took the cable car up 2,300 meters to Hafelkar. Now, we've seen our fair share of mountains but the view from this peak is second to none and every time I think back on my trip to Europe, the stunning scenery sticks out vividly as one of the biggest highlights. 

If you're afraid of heights like me, I suggest holding onto the railing because looking down can make you feel quite queasy. Not to mention, the brave and adventure-driven tourists who will be whizzing past you to hop on the boundary or do a 'titanic' from a scary ledge are intimidating to say the least. The cable car from Hafelkar can also take you down 300meters to Seegrube, the first stop on the journey. Here you can enjoy a meal, or party it up in the Cloud 9 Iglu Bar. The bar really does stay true to its name, offering slick tunes, drinks and a fantastic view. I suggest snuggling in with your friends on the comfy chairs and enjoying the view over mulled wine. 

While we spent a majority of our time in the mountain experience, we spared a good few hours to roam the Christmas markets (in Innsbruck they stick around until February) and take in the architecture. The Gothic buildings in Maria Theresian Strasse were different to those we'd seen in other cities, in part due to the mountain backdrop that accompanied them.  

By this point in the trip, we had seen our fair share of European cities. But what set Innsbruck apart was the beautiful harmony between the immaculate snow-capped alps and vibrant cityscape.  

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