The Best of Oahu in 5 Days

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki BeachWaikiki BeachWaikiki BeachWaikiki Strip
Cheesecake Factory in Honolulu
Cheesecake Factory in HonoluluSunset at Waikiki BeachSunset at Waikiki Beach
Sunset at Waikiki BeachSunset at Waikiki BeachCheesecake from Cheesecake Factory in Honolulu
Shaved Ice in OahuSnorkeling in Hanauma BaySnorkeling in Hanauma Bay
Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay
Acai Bowls by Waikiki BeachDole Plantation in OahuDole Plantation in OahuPineapple Maze at Dole Plantation in OahuDole Whip in Oahu

We've almost reached the end of our Hawaiian holiday but before we put a stop to the reminiscing, here's one last post to recap our 5 day itinerary.  This itinerary includes everything from outstanding scenery and activities to exploring shopping, history and culture in Hawaii. 

If you'd like to spend 5 days in Oahu, Hawaii, here's some inspiration to get you started. 

Note: Most activities have been covered in detail in other posts and we have linked them below.

Day 1: Given the jet lag and travel fatigue, it's best to go easy on your first day in town. We started out by exploring the bustling Waikiki area and people watching before heading to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. The food was absolutely delicious with plenty of options for vegetarians like us. However, a word of caution, the portions are huge to say the least and it's best to start off slow instead of ordering too much like we did. After lunch we further explored the Waikiki strip and its glamorous shops and boutiques, relaxed at the Waikiki Beach to catch a beautiful golden sunset and then walked back to our hotel, stopping by the multiple Lei shows happening in the area.

Day 2: After a good night's sleep, we were well-rested and ready to go hiking, so conquering the Diamond Head Walk early in the morning was our activity of choice. We treated ourselves to some shaved ice after the walk followed by shopping at the Waikele Shopping Center, the perfect place to go to if you're looking to buy from a good mix of high-street and high-end brands at ridiculously affordable prices. Given that we are from Sydney, the prices were just too good to resist even after the conversion rate and we ended up with quite a few bargains.  

Day 3: On the agenda for day 3 was visiting Pearl Harbour and snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. We took a bus to reach Pearl Harbour at sunrise to beat the crowds and leave us plenty of time later in the day to get to Hanauma Bay. If you're weak swimmers like us, Hanauma Bay is the place for you. The clear water and friendly fish allow you to see plenty of action even from the shoreline. If you do have the skills however, venture our a little further to see incredible underwater views. Unfortunately for us, snorkeling as well as taking photos underneath was quite challenging and so were was unable to capture the beautiful views underneath for you all to see. The beach was a busy one but the crowds only added to the atmosphere. After our sea adventures, we rested by trying some delicious Acai bowls and fruit smoothies right by the beach before heading home for a well-deserved nap. 

Day 4: On our second last day in Hawaii, we headed out to the Dole Plantation and explored the North Shore. If you're a 'pineapple on pizza' kinda gal, it's likely that you'll enjoy all that is on offer at the dole plantation. We recommend starting off by trying your hands at the pineapple maze, followed by a stroll through the gardens before you end with some dole whip, a pineapple flavoured soft serve dessert that will leave you feeling refreshed. 

Day 5: Finally, before heading back home to Sydney, we explored Oahu's east coast by making a trip to the Kualoa Ranch, followed by the Polynesian Culture Centre for one last taste of the vibrant Hawaiian culture.  

We hope you've enjoyed our Hawaiian travel diaries! We'll be back shortly with everything you need to know about our recent European escape. Stay tuned.  

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  3. what a beauty. Great post.

  4. This trip looks like a dream, I love the food that you had and the view!

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  5. It looks so beautiful! I loved these photos ans hope you had an amazing time!

  6. I'm so jealous! Fantastic photos!

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