3 Ways to Make The Most of Your Outfits

Sunday, December 13, 2015

I will happily confess to repeating the clothes that I love. And as much as I enjoy repeating the entire look from head to toe, in some instances you have to change things up. Here are my top three tips on how to utilise that favorite skirt, pant or shirt that you simply can't get enough of.
  1. A different top is the obvious one but to completely change the mood you can switch it up between black and white tops. I wore these pants here with a black leather top but opted for a more summery white embroidered top this time round. It instantly changed the feel of the outfit.
  2. Changing up the accessories such as wearing a different pair of statement heels, makes a world of difference. From leopard print in my old post to brown strappy sandals with gold studs, in both case heels are adding a lot to the look and taking away from the fact that I have repeated an item. 
  3. A change that makes a huge impact but often gets overlooked is your hair and makeup. These should compliment the clothing that you are wearing. 
Using any one or all of the above tips will not only change the look but also alleviate the outfit. However, don't change things up just to be different, you should still be comfortable in what you wear. So which look of ours did you prefer?

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  1. I'm also guilty of re-styling my pieces because I think that's what fashion is really about: getting creative!

    PS I'm defos loving those trousers!!! X


    1. Totally on point love ! Fashion definitely is all about being creative and changing things up !

  2. Those shoes are just brilliant! I'm all about switching up accessories or shoes - they totally change the overall look of a basic outfit!


    1. Thank you ! Yeh I love statement heels more often than not !

  3. Haha! We're totally in sync with our tips, too. Great post! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  4. Ah, you're not alone there - I've also be found to repeat items of clothing when I love them enough! Changing up the accessories makes a huge difference, I agree, statement heels are the perfect way to dress up a previously-worn look :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  5. Great tips, I completely agree!! Love how you styled this look! :)

    xo Soo | www.BrownEyedToast.com

  6. Stunning look babe! And some excellent tips as well!

    Adi xx

  7. I wear my favorite pieces over and over! Accessories make a huge difference.
    Style Tomes
    Style Tomes on Instagram

  8. Although they don't always make the blog, I repeat outfits in different combinations all the time too. Great tips!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style