Why every woman needs a white dress

Monday, June 11, 2018

Dress - Rusty (The Iconic)
Shoes - ASOS
Inspiration - Cecilie Bahnsen Copenhagen Fall 2017

Everyone always talks about the little black dress or the LBD but perhaps the most underrated item in a women’s closet is its fairer cousin – the perfect white dress.

Your white dress is the perfect summer pick-me-up.

Beach parties? Check.

Long weekend brunches? Check

Picnics? Check.

And, let’s talk about versatility for a second. In summer, it’s your perfect take-me-from-the-beach-to-the-city dress. In winter, throw on a funky leather jacket and some boots and you’re ready to hit town -- or the office.

While the ideal black dress will transform your figure into a slimmer, classier and more Chanel-esque version of yourself, its white counterpart will instantly add a youthful vibe, at every age.

The white dress is also more personal and I don’t mean this in a matrimonial sense. Black is perfect for hiding flaws and suits almost everyone so it’s easier to experiment with and go out of your comfort zone. But while white dresses can be a little less forgiving, this makes them the perfect choice to show off your own taste and celebrate your body, at every size and shape.

Granted, you need to pick a style that’s flattering for you, but that’s what makes the white dress the perfect embodiment of you. Whether you go for a bohemian maxi, a short embroidered version, maybe a ruffled mini, or a more elegant wrap dress, pick the one that looks best on you and own it. It is what you will wear when you want your personality to shine and not hide behind the perfect preened version that you think you should be.

So here’s to the white dress, the one that makes you feel like it was made for just for you!

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  1. Yes! I couldn't agree more with you. White dresses are such a classic and timeless piece of clothing too. It will never go out of style so you can guarantee that your money will be well spent! I especially like the one you are wearing here. The mesh paneling is such a beautiful touch, and speaking of, You look absolutely beautiful in these photos. Not that you don't always, but the way you've captured the light reflects beautifully onto you. Have a great week!


  2. I couldn't agree more! A white dress works for any occasion and for any time of the year. The one that you are wearing here is absolutely beautiful!


  3. What a lovely white dress. You look divine. I also love the scenery. The dress really stands out against this green background. Beautiful photography. I do agree with what you said about the white dress. It is a perfect summer pick up look isn't it? It's more relaxed than the classical LBD but it can look just as elegant and chic.


  4. OMG where did you take those pictures? The backdrop reminds me of Ghibli movies!


  5. What a beautiful shoot location, wow! The green shades look so lush after the rain, I love that so much :) You look so gorgeous in this white dress and I totally agree about every woman needing at least one, my wardrobe is filled with them haha! :)

    aglassofice.com x

  6. To be honest I haven't got a white dress now, definitely it's time for shopping!
    This one looks perfect on you :)

    Kisses from
    Sara's City

  7. Beautiful nature ! Love your look :-) xx

    NEW POST :

  8. I love this dress! I can see this particular white one would be good for so many occasions.
    And this location is so beautiful!

    life + style blog

  9. Oh yes, I completely agree with you. White dress is statement piece and I have few of them but sometimes I think that it isn't enough.
    I really like your pictures, they are so beautiful.