The Importance of Building Grit and Grace

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sweater - Boohoo
 Pants - Zara
Heels - Ninewest

Not too long ago, I got the opportunity to attend an event at work, centred around women in technology. It was organised by women, for women and brought those role models and leaders to the forefront who are often lacking in the upper echelon of an organisational ladder or if we’re being frank about the tech industry, any step of the ladder.

While in the company of such inspiring and accomplished women, one particular concept caught my attention — the importance of building grit and grace.

1. Courage and resolve; strength of character.

1. Courteous good will.

There’s no denying that in order to ‘make it’, grit is a no-brainer. Often we look at accomplished leaders and their career trajectory, what can look like sheer good luck is actually the grit in accepting and taking up the opportunities that come your way and putting aside any fears and shortcomings. If you look around, we have somewhat become a self-indulgent society that glosses over the goals that require a sustained effort and a whole lot of hardwork. It’s almost become fashionable to give up your job and travel for some soul-searching. Now, I’m in no way arguing against the importance of travelling but it simply isn’t always feasible to quit your job for a year or two while not neglecting the career goals you set for yourself. More on that here, but for the purpose of this discussion, my only point is that sometimes showing grit and determination by working at that goal you’ve always wanted to achieve is exactly what you need. Then, you can take time out to feed your soul through the outlet that suits you. Work hard first and then play harder is what we’re getting at here. So pursue your goals with tenacity, perseverance, and self-discipline: in short, with grit.

The realist in us has to point out though, that sometimes no matter how good you are or how much courage and determination you have, the outcome isn’t what you hoped for. Sometimes your work, though impactful, will not always get the recognition you wished to achieve. But it’s these moments of feeling blue that can be our biggest learnings and also our most valuable turning points. In these lull moments, we need to show grace both in accepting our mistakes and being kind to ourselves as well as others. People will let you down and you will let them down, it’s inevitable. But you cannot let that impact your attitude and turn yourself into a lone wolf. And finally, we show the most grace when we learn to accept and celebrate ourselves and empower those around.

So as you start a new week, I encourage you to strive for grit and grace.

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  1. Couldn't agree more, but even if sometimes it feels like our work is not getting the recognition it deserves, we still have to push harder and make ourselves better. Btw, I really love your trousers. Wishing you a great week ahead. xx


  2. Absolutely love this post! Definitely needed to hear all of this :) PS your outfit is super cute!

    Lauren Lindmark |

  3. ohh realy!! that was super outfit you looks so pretty darling.. online shopping in pakistan

  4. the trousers are bomb!


  5. Such a beautiful outfit!! You look absolutely stunning - I love the colours and how your combined them together!! And of course...amazing photos!! :)


  6. This sounds like a worthwhile work event to attend with such a poignant message! Definitely something to try and live by and I love how you've conveyed this in your post.
    Jaz xoxo

  7. Grit and grace – I love that! It is so true. What an amazing event to attend!


  8. I really love your point about putting aside any fear and/or shortcomings, that's so important in any aspect of life in order to move forwards. Thanks so much for the inspiration girl, you've literally flicked a switch in my head and I'm now feeling so differently about this week ahead :)

  9. Awe LOVED this post!! Also the photos are so dreamy.



  10. Love the message. As I start this week I will most definitely remember Grit & Grace :) Thank you for sharing. Love your ootd and your photos are always amazing.


  11. Such an amazing look! Always with a perfect sense of style!

  12. A very inspiring and motivating post, thanks for sharing.
    PS: your pants are everything :)

  13. Such a good post and life lesson. I couldn't agree more with you although lately I have been feeling like feeding my soul as well. Pursuing one's goals is indeed exhausting sometimes but I like to think we'll get there eventually, and all will be worthy

    Saida | She talks Glam

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