Stunning Sydney Skyline from Taronga to Balmoral Walk

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Colourful boats on Taronga to Balmoral Walk
Bradley's head lighthouse on Taronga to Balmoral Walk
Burnt Orange in Mosman
Mediterranean Tart at Burnt OrangeBalmoral Beach to end Taronga to Balmoral WalkGeorges Heights Lookout on Taronga to Balmoral Walk

I have always loved walks and hikes but with the sunny weather escaping us Sydneysiders soon, I’ve been in a bit of a rush to explore all the city has to offer on the outdoor front!

One such day took me to the Taronga to Balmoral walk. While everyone's heard of the go-to Bondi to Coogee walking track (of which I myself am a fan and recommend it to all the tourists), this particular walk is lesser known.

Taronga to Balmoral is a quieter alternative that offers stunning skyline views of the city with plenty of charming restaurants as pit stops along the way.

If you are considering doing the walk, let’s start with some numbers.

Distance: 6 km
Time: 2 hours

The first 3.8 km from Taronga zoo to Chowder Bay are flat and very easy. The path alternates between board walks and muddy terrain as well as at one point walking through Chowder Bay’s sandy beach. After the initial 1km stretch comes the first stop at Bradley’s Head, the perfect spot for a picnic! This is also where you can find the lighthouse pictured above. Continue onward and eventually you find yourself across the Chowder Bay beach. This is a kid-friendly beach and has a few kiosks that you can pick up drinks and snacks when in need of a break. If you prefer a fancier lunch, there is also Ripples by Chowder Bay. On our trip, we decided to continue on since the section covered so far was quite easy.

The next leg from Chowder Bay is all about conquering steep sets of stairs going all the way up to Balmoral beach. Take a quick break to catch your breath and to capture some photographs at the Georges Head lookout with battlements still present and continue onwards to Middle Head Road. Here you’ll find the Tea Room Gunners Barrack or Burnt Orange, two perfect options for a fancy lunch. We opted for Burnt Orange where we rested over some iced chocolate and lunch. The beautiful country style cottage was both secluded and #countrychic.

After getting fuelled up, we conquered the last 20 minute stretch to Balmoral beach! If you manage to make it to this point without lunch or as looking for another snack, head to the Balmoral Boatshed for a delicious end to your walk.

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