How to Find the Perfect Logo Tee

Sunday, December 04, 2016

ASOS utility skirt in Lavender Bay
ASOS utility skirt and Custom Logo top in Lavender Bay
Custom Logo Top
Lace up Sandals ASOS utility skirt and Custom Logo top in Lavender Bay

Logo t-shirts are the big style staple this season. From cropping up on street style stars to featuring in designer runway shows and even surprisingly on black-tie red carpets, this trend is everywhere. Personally, I've never been a big t-shirt wearer and apart from my gym clothes, t-shirts barely feature in my wardrobe and consequently on the blog. 

This season though, I'm definitely on board with the idea of contrasting graphic tees with flirty and feminine skirts or outfits. I started the season with a plain white tee look  and have ended up here, using this cute logo tee to transition my Khaki skirt from winter to summer

While many of these looks feature band t-shirts, I wonder if it's fair to rock a Guns n Roses shirt solely for sartorial purposes when you've never heard even one of their songs. So an alternative for those of us who are less inclined towards rock music are slogan tees. They come with their own downfalls though, the biggest being that it is incredibly difficult to find a slogan that well suited to you. After scrolling through a tonne of 'punny' designs and some not so funny t-shirts, I came across Redbubble. The website offers a hoard of art that can be customised according to t-shirt style, colour and more.   
I'm quite pleased with my Earnest Hemingway or 'Earnestly Hemming Away' find and apart from providing a little giggle while I dress up, it's also not a bad conversation starter!

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