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Tuesday, May 10, 2016


As a long time believer of herbal skincare, Lush is a brand that I’m strongly attracted to. Their cruelty free products use all natural ingredients and the labels are always packed with ingredients I understand as opposed to complicated chemical names and percentages I can’t comprehend. Using Lush products ensures that I know exactly what I’m putting into my skin and hair. I first began using Lush products after suffering from an unusual pattern of acne. I had tried all my usual acne treatments but none seemed to work. I was also suffering from a number of skin issues (discolouration, whiteheads, you name it) that I didn’t normally have.

The Lush skin consultant instantly recommended Herbalism to me which was an absolute godsend. More about that below! Here are some of the Lush products I’ve tried and loved:
  • Herbalism: I had heard a lot about the wonders of Herbalism from a number of people before I tried it myself. The product is a green herb mixture that you mix with a few drops of water to turn into a paste consistency. I suffer from a lot of whiteheads on my T-zone and as a result used to exfoliate quite a bit prior to using this product. The exfoliation often left my skin feeling dried out and dull. Herbalism was the perfect solution as it was a cleanser and gentle exfoliator in one, so I didn’t feel the need to use the heavy duty scrubs I usually did. This has been by far one of the fastest working products I have ever used. I used it in the mornings and at night before bed daily and saw the results within a few days. While my acne is hormonal, Herbalism helped cured all my other skin ailments and the best part is that unlike other cleansers, it leaves my skin feel soft and moisturised!
  • Mask of Magnaminty: Another product I had heard a lot about was the Mask of Magnaminty. My regular skincare routine involves using face masks that are solely focused on acne prevention but this time, I decided to experiment a little. I was on the hunt for a mask that would allow my skin to feel relaxed and rejuvenated and add a healthy glow while also helping the acne side of things. Mask of Magnaminty has been the perfect solution. The mint in the mask makes your face feel cool and hydrated. When used in conjunction with Herbalism, I have found that it helps control outbreaks and leaves the skin feeling moisturised and balanced.
  • Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar: I’m extremely specific about the hair products I use. As someone with stubbornly silky and very fine textured hair, I try to look for shampoos that are gentle on the scalp as my hair gets greasy easily and needs to be washed often. Unlike the products mentioned above, I hadn’t heard much about the shampoo bars at Lush and they turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The bars come in all different options but I chose the ‘Jumping Juniper’ as it gave you a deep cleanse while still retaining the softness and shine of your hair. Don’t be fooled by the size, these tiny bars last a very long time.
  • Sea salt Spray: As I mentioned earlier, my hair is incredibly silky and 100% straight. Due to this it can often look flat and curling it is not a task for the faint hearted. I began using sea salt sprays last year to add some volume to my hair when styling it and started with a Tony and Guy one which worked really well. However I had spotted the Lush alternative and noticed that it was designed to keep hair nourished unlike the other options on the market which could be quite drying. Although I really wished to buy it, I decided to wait till my existing product finished. As fate would have it, I managed to spill most of the bottle into my suitcase during a travelling mishap and decided I should purchase the Lush one after all. I have only used it once so far on dry hair and found that it makes my hair quite greasy! Upon reading some online reviews though I’m thinking of testing it out on wet hair to see if the result is any better. Here’s hoping it works out as well as my other Lush products.
If you have tried any of these products or know any other great Lush products, let me know!

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