Thursday, December 25, 2014

1. Streets of Assisi 2.Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi  3-4.Upper Basilica 5. View from Upper Basilica 6. Friary of St Francis 7. Midieval houses 8. Old mideival church before St Francis 9-13. Alleyways 14. Italian cars 15-19 Postcard pictures of the town 20. Sunset 21.View of Assisi perched on a hilltop from our hotel

Assisi was a city that firmly holds the title of ‘most surprising’ when looking back through my Italian vacation. What started out as evidently the least researched city on my part, stayed with me as one of the highlights. A hilltop town in the heart of Italy, Assisi was the perfect time warp for me, an unabashed, self-proclaimed medieval TV buff. And Assisi only added to my obsession, feeding my fascination with its uncanny resemblance to the sets of Game of Thrones (with a lot more charm and a lot less gore). So to sum it up whilst Assisi, birthplace of St Francis holds a great significance for Catholics and is a pilgrimage site, for me it was the Meereen to my Daenerys Stormborn.

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  1. These are such amazing photos!! :)

    1. Thanks chris! So surprising to find you commenting here ! and also pleasing coming from the photography king himself ! :)

    2. Haha no worries! :) I saw your cover photo, and then got curious with the link. Didn't know you and your sis had a blog like this! Really impressed :D Shall keep an eye on this space :)