Bago Maze and Vineyards

Thursday, June 26, 2014

coffs harbour, pier

paisley, monochrome, paisley skirt, paisley topbago maze, vineyards, hedge maze, sydney
bago maze, vineyards, hedge maze, sydneybago maze, vineyards, hedge maze, sydney

The Gold coast to Sydney stretch has many beautiful locations such as the beautiful Coffs Harbour Jetty, each one worthy of its own holiday. Nestled away from bustling cities however are Bago Vineyards that definitely top the charts for uniqueness. If the abundance of the sweetest jams and delicious wines were not enough, this hidden gem harbours the biggest hedge maze in NSW, sprawling over 10,000 square metres. Having just encountered several navigation issues (the GPS always mucks up when one’s truly pressed for time) we arrived ten minutes past the entrance time with disappointment written all over our face. Yet, the wonderful Mobbs (owners of the beautiful vineyards) were so warm and friendly allowing us entry anyway. Now let’s be honest, getting lost and fighting demons in a huge maze is on everybody’s bucket lists and that’s exactly what we pretended to do, our very own testament to Mr. Harry Potter’s adventures. For the first 10 minutes anyway because soon enough frustration started to creep in as with the sunset round the corner we really didn’t want the embarrassment of Mr Mobb having to come and show us the way. Fast forwards 20 minutes of skilled navigation skills (let’s ignore the bit where we ran around in circles shall we?), and we’re out. 

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