Bombo Quarry - Australia's own Irish Giant Causeway

Thursday, April 07, 2016

The ocean, a comfortable dress and one very happy couple….

I love low-key days. For me, Sundays tend to be my time to unwind, spend time at home or go escape somewhere. Sundays are my way of refreshing myself before the stress and chaos of the week restarts. On one such Sunday, I chose to spend my time by the water in one of my favourite dresses, soaking in the sun and spying on a newly-wed couple taking their first photographs after saying “I do”.

Being Sydneysiders, we are blessed with some of the best beaches in the world and while I enjoy the lively atmosphere of places like Bondi and Manly, I have always gravitated toward calmer bodies of water, with fewer if any people around and preferably a gentle breeze. On this particular road trip, we headed down to one of the lesser known places in Sydney called Bombo Quarry in the Illawarra region. 

The Quarry is secluded, peaceful and truly does feel like your personal hideout thanks to its' big rocky surroundings. The gigantic basalt structures that encompass the crashing sea, seem a lot like a smaller version of Ireland's Giant Causeway and make me want to play the Game of Thrones soundtrack and unleash my inner Khaleesi. For a less dramatic experience, you can also sit by the rock and soak in the coming waves and later hop down to Kiama town for some brunch. 

Our trip was beautiful, the sky was sunny and clear and we hung around unperturbed with only the occasional plane for company. Afterwards, we chose to head down to Minnamurra beach and lounged by the sea shore and watched these lovebirds carry out their adorable photoshoot.

I’m a big believer in taking time out for yourself and even as I look back on these photographs in the middle of the week with the stress of impending assignments and a dozen readings, I feel refreshed.
If you’re having a bad week or a particularly stressful day, take some time out for yourself, watch an episode of friends or go for a walk, it’s miraculous.

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