5 Days in Munich with Day Trips

Sunday, February 04, 2018

After leaving Rothenburg’s cobblestone streets, we landed straight into the posh lanes of Munich to get our first taste of a major European capital. Munich was the capital of Bavaria and as such, boasts of the finest examples of the region’s culture – beer, cakes, shopping, and the whole works.

We spent five days in Munich which were full of numerous day trips to neighbouring cities but also plenty of local exploring. Having stayed in a hotel a little out of the CBD, we navigated our way through the city using trains, trams, and buses so when it was time to leave, we felt surprisingly at home.
If you’re planning a trip to this beautiful big city, take a peek at our itinerary for some ideas on what to do.

Get panoramic views of the city – Munich’s streets aren’t just beautiful to walk in, they’re exquisite to look at from up above. When in Munich, we would highly recommend getting panoramic views of those colourful orange and green roofs. You have the option to see the city from St Peter’s Church or from Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall).  We opted for the latter because the queue at St Peter’s Church was far too long. The views were just as good so we’re fairly happy with our choice. 

Explore Marienplatz – Marienplatz is Munich’s showstopper. Harbouring the New and Old Town Hall, the Gothic Tower and countless churches, so strolls in this part of town are a must. Grab yourself some roasted chestnuts from one of the several vendors around and feast your eyes on the incredible architecture. 

Pretzels – OK, so Germans love their pretzels. Despite trying them several times in Sydney and never liking them, they still featured on our bucket list to figure out what the hype was all about. We tried them and unfortunately, still don’t understand the hype. They were certainly different to the pretzels you find in Sydney but no, don’t bother is what I say. Chocolate-coated or not and served in Sydney or overseas, they taste just as dull.

St Peter’s Church – Speaking of architecture, a trip to St Peter’s Church should be a priority. The entire church, especially its ceiling, is exquisite. Although quite a busy tourist spot, admiring the oldest parish church in town is still a peaceful experience.

Treat your sweet tooth – We know that sweets are delicious all around Europe but there’s something to be said about the sheer assortment of cakes available in Munich. Avoiding the mouth-watering desserts that appear at any and every corner of the city is a serious exercise of will power. We succumbed, on more than one occasion to try the following:
  • Kasekuchen (cheesecake)
  • Apfelstrudel (apple pastry)
  •  Bienenstichkuchen (bee sting cake)
  • Kasekuchen mit Orangen (An orange cheesecake made with quark)

Shopping – The sheer size of Munich makes it the perfect shopping destination in Germany. Head down past Marienplatz and you’ll find plenty of stores to get your shopping fill and get a break from the cold.

Try the beer – You can’t come to the region famous for Oktoberfest and not try the beer. Munich’s beer halls are a distinct aspect of Bavarian culture and definitely deserve to be on your itinerary. We made the mistake of descending on Hofbräuhaus (The three-storied 16th century hall which also happens to be the city’s most popular) on New Year’s Eve of all nights and were greeted with crowds only slightly better than being in a mosh-pit. We accepted defeat and had dinner at a nice restaurant nearby and tried both normal beer and the Alkoholfrei one – surprisingly both tasted very similar so make of that what you will.  

German bread dumplings – The Bavarians cater to vegetarians too! We tried German bread dumplings and they were nothing like our understanding of what a dumpling is. In our case, they were served with Sauerkraut but I imagine it would have tasted nicer with mushroom gravy or something.

Day trips – Munich is so centrally located with some amazing day trip options! We went to Salzburg, Innsbruck, Neuschwanstein Castle as well as Dachau. More  on that shortly!

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  1. Munich is so lovely! Especially their architecture :)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  2. Munich looks so beautiful! I never really see or hear much about this city so it was so nice learning a little bit about this part of Germany


  3. I would absolutely love to visit Munich one day. Your photos are so pretty, I might have to take a visit sooner than expected haha!




  4. Oh gosh, I didn't realise it was quite so beautiful!
    These are some beautiful photos!
    Kate x


  5. What a beautiful city, the architecture is amazing. I love the look of the food too. Looking forward for your next posts.


  6. I've been to Munich before, but am really hoping to go back! Loved all your photos, some great tips as well. Will definitely be referencing this post in the future.

    Shann Eileen | www.shanneileen.com

  7. Oh wow, you managed to fit so much into your time there! I've never been but I'm loving your photos. It would be an amazing place to visit one day :)

    Hope you're having a good start to your week. I'm busy, but not as much as last week, so that's nice! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. I would love to go there ♥ but so far I haven't had a chance. Maybe one day ^^
    Beautiful place and perfect photos :o I want to go there more xd Great post, I love reading about travels :D
    anyway have a nice day :)

  9. Oh it looks like a fabulous trip!


  10. That's so cool that you got to visit Munich. I'll actually be traveling to Hamburg at the end of this month and I'm super stoked!


  11. I've never really considered Munich as a place to pay much attention, but this post has really changed my opinion. These photographs are so beautiful - the vibrance and colours and life really shows though. I think you may have just made me reconsider my mind in regards to Munich - I want to go!

    Have a good weekend :)
    Wandering Everywhere