Colourful & Classy: Styling the slip dress with a twist

Thursday, February 02, 2017

New Look 2 In 1 90s Lace Slip Dress in Centennial Parklands Sydney
Swarovski Necklace Swarovski Necklace
Golden Green Eyeliner MakeupNew Look 2 In 1 90s Lace Slip Dress in Centennial Parklands Sydney

Let's start this post with some facts: Satin is unforgiving. Worn in a slip dress form, even more so. It highlights every lump and bump on your body and has a knack for giving off lingerie vibes.

But satin is not all bad, especially if you've been following the latest trend of pairing it with a simple white tee underneath. Flattering and modest, problem solved!

For those of you though who want to wear this fabric in a way that is both sexy yet classy, I suggest pairing it with a silk singlet instead. In my view, this layering trick works best when the singlet is of a contrasting yet complimenting colour and has some straps to add interest whilst turning the deep neckline into a modest one.

Apart from the slip trend, I've also been infatuated with delicate jewellery of late and this charming necklace from Swarovski was just the thing to pair with my outfit. To finish off, I wore my strappy heels (seen here) and added some fun to an otherwise minimal makeup look with golden-green eyeliner and a lip colour that miraculously matched my singlet to the T.


On another note, our post got nominated for Independent Fashion Bloggers' Weekly roundup! Have a look below :

Links à la Mode, February 9th

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  1. Luking beautiful dear...xx, Neha

  2. Amazing outfit dear! These kind of dresses are really trendy now :)

  3. love how you layered! these colors work so well together!

  4. What a cute outfit! I love your necklace! Happy Friday!


  5. That is the loveliest of slip dresses. Well done!

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