Autumn Day Trip: Mt Wilson

Monday, May 23, 2016

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I occasionally take my style cues from the colours of the changing season.

It's autumn in Sydney now and the leaves on the trees outside aren't the only things taking a turn for reds,yellows and oranges.  Burgundy seems to be the flavour of the season (as it always is when it comes to autumn) and that memo has not gone amiss in my wardrobe either. I paired my burgundy Boohoo sweater with a blush midi skirt from Banana Republic and my Nine West flats also in burgundy.

Although the aftermath of the cooler turn of weather is evident everywhere, we decided to head to Mt Wilson to explore it in greater detail. The Mt Wilson area is a little haven for nature lovers tucked away among the Blue Mountains. The area consists of nothing but sprawling hectares of estate gardens that have been beautifully curated and looked after. Strolling through, you can easily get a taste of each garden's distinct personality.

We started the day driving off the beater path as we left the usual route we take into the mountains in favour of a winding route that was quieter and more serene. We spent our day strolling through heritage estate gardens, walking under the red canopies and having a picnic on the bed of fallen leaves. To match the atmosphere, we stopped in Bilpin, a town famous for its gorgeous apples, many of which you can spot hanging heavily off orchard trees as you drive by. As is customary with Bilpin, we visited a small cafe for freshly baked apple pie and cider that I completely recommend you try.

The estate gardens are definitely a must visit for Sydney residents and though you would have missed their autumn beauty, the gardens are worth a look in springtime as well, so check it out!

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