5 Tips to Creating a Striking All White Outfit

Sunday, December 27, 2015

It's the transitory period between the two years and aside from subjecting ourselves to meaningful quotes or vows of kicking off bad habits, there is also plenty of excitement brewing up. As a Sydney resident, New Years Eve is a grand affair and aside from the stress of securing a good spot to see the fireworks, some also have the added worry of upcoming themed parties. 

One such theme is the All White Party. While some may wonder why on earth one would restrain your sartorial choices to a single hue, it really does work wonders for the party photos.  However, planning an all white outfit can be stressful. Aside from the usual stress of stains from just about anything and everything, there is also the tricky business of striking the right dose of matching.

In this post, I attempted an all white look for myself. In a bid to make this time of the year a little less stressful for you on the fashion front, here are the top tips for creating a striking all white outfit that you can rock right through the festive season and into summer's sunshine.

  1. Texture: As ravishing as it can be to dress from head to toe in a single hue, monotony is a tough hurdle. This is where playing with different textures of your pieces can play a big role. Here, I matched the lace of the crop top with the textured skirt to elevate things a little.
  2. Layers: I absolutely love layering. Apart from the aesthetic benefits it offers, it's also perfect for the unpredictable Australian weather. Adding a couple of different layers to your outfit can allow you to get creative and experiment with silhouettes
  3. Shoes: Christian Dior  once said, "Your can never take too much care over the choice of  your shoes" and the same is true in this case. We suggest that if you're opting for a standout piece like a dress or jumpsuit, adding a killer pair of heels in a contrasting colour such as black can really make them standout. However, if you're layering, opting for nude keeps the focus right where you want it, on the ensemble. You can also take it one step further and go for a metallic pair that stands out against the white.
  4. Jewelry: While I chose to keep the bling to a minimum with delicate pieces to compliment the layered look, a statement piece of jewelry can work wonders for a dress or jumpsuit.
  5. Quality: I have always been a stickler for quality over quantity and this motto has also made its way to my wardrobe. It is no surprise that whites get stained or lose the brightness of colour after a few washes. Therefore, picking quality fabrics that won't lose their shine is totally worth a few extra dollars. Also, quality tailoring adds a great deal more sophistication to any outfit.
If you're looking for more inspiration for a white on white look, you can check out these pages here and here

We hope our tips have been helpful and hope that this festive season is full of fireworks, both in the sky and in your wardrobe. 

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  1. It looks really pretty !


  2. I love these tips because I've always been intimidated by all-white outfits! Love the touches of gold from your accessories too :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

    1. Thank you. all white indeed can feel intimidating aha!

  3. Fantastic tips and outfit! Texture and jewelry can make any monochromatic outfit go a long way!

    1. So true! Best way to change up an outfit for different events.

  4. Beautiful look! I love your use of textures and layers :)